Book Club and Events

The Edisto Island Bookstore Book Club meets monthly, the second Wednesday, at the bookstore, located at 547 Highway 174 in The Edisto Center, a short distance before Edisto Beach. 

This book club is open to one and all – our locals – permanent and part-time residents. Much welcome are visitors, permanent vacationers, and along with their friends or relatives. Not to worry if you haven’t read the book – come anyway and vent! You’ll be treated to local food, cheap wine and the best book lovers to be found north of Pat Conroy – an opportunity to make friends and talk about books.

The 2016 book selections are provided below and will be updated as books are selected throughout the year. Also, the dates the book club will meet throughout 2015 are noted for those who will or might be traveling to Edisto and have an interest to join us - we hope to see you!

April, 2016 Atul Gawande Being Mortal 2014 Non-Fiction
May 2016 Geralding The Secret Chord 2015 Historical Fiction
June 2016 Le Guin Left Hand of Darkness 1969 Sci-Fi Classic
July 2016 Elizabeth Stroud My Name is Lucy Barton 2016 Fiction



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